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What I have learned in the campaign.

I am going to step outside of the box a little, and convey my experiences in this campaign process.  Let me begin by saying, anyone who has a heart to serve, and is willing to stand up and enter the world of politics should be commended. I made that decision about eight months ago, and I have learned a lot through the process about myself and others.

I have made new friends, strengthened existing friendships, learned some I thought were friends really are not, and most recently rekindled an old friendship I thought might have been lost.  There is truly a personal sacrifice of time, home cooked meals, and days of relaxation are few and far between. Most of us do not enjoy public speaking, but are getting better over time. Asking for donations is hard to do, and the blisters from driving T-Posts take time to heal. Experiencing all of this has taught me, a campaign is hard work.

In the beginning of this endeavor, my opponent Chris Braun (who I consider a friend) and I spoke and made an agreement that we would focus on presenting why we felt we were the best candidate for the office, and not do anything to disparage one another.  Like true friends, we have held to that commitment, and I believe have set an example of how a race should be run.

Emotions can run high, and sometimes get the best of someone when in a competition.  I unfortunately have seen the result of this first hand in some of the other races, where disparaging, defamatory, and even untruthful information is being disseminated.  Most if not all of which has nothing to do with the prospective candidate’s ability to fulfill the duties of the office they seek. Politics is hard enough, without the worry and concern of having to constantly look to see where a surprise attack may be coming from.

I chose the content of this post to give you the voter a little insight into what all of us running for office have to endure and be concerned with, in addition to the race itself. 

I ask that you remember me Charlie Motz during early voting starting February 18th, and come election day March 3rd. I hope that my work through this campaign is as an example for you, of the work ethic I will bring to the office Day 1.

For more information please visit:

Or give me a call: (830) 822-3314

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